Development Team


Push and Pull is a student project, with the Beta being built from the ground up by a team of dedicated UTD students over the Spring 2015 semester.

Creative Director: 

Michael Stewart 

Lead Engineer:

Dean Soeder

Technical Artist:

Chris Venable

Production Management:

Karsten Davis

Adam Nusrallah

Jennifer Tidwell

Game Design:

Sean Fagan

Shane King

Hannah Drury

Kevin Malvaez


Amanda Fisher

Clay Howell

Level Design:

Alex Bean 

William Davis

Sara Melnick

Brenden Palmer

Environmental Art:

Karl Schecht

Anngelica Parent 

Addison Stiles


Kendall Corless

William McNeal

Ben Phillips

Concept Art:

Asya Mantey

Elizabeth del Rosario

Cara Curley 

Molly Meyer


Character, Scripted Sequences team:

Ethan Davis

Stephen West

Stephen Rodriguez

Kaylee Strycker

David Chiu


Albert Chang

Raffi Andonian


Steven Billingslea

Scott Swearingen


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