Meet the Characters


Meet the leader of the gang, Bulb. His body shape gives him a perfect balance between speed and coordination. His determination to push forward and pull his friends out of harms way is what keeps him going…when he’s not lost in his own curiosity of course. This outlook is what give him the strength to keep on going, to hopefully make it out of the lab; with all of his friends.


Skips is easily the cool one of the group. Born to climb, this little guy is agile and light. Using these he is able to maneuver through small cracks and even sneak around. A sly and micheavious little guy, Skips is always bound use his abilties towards his friends benefit. Before Skips was taken away, he cleverely discovers his new powers and uses them to rescue Bulb.


Magz is the kid of the group, but he knows he is his own leader. He is a quick little scamp and the most ambitious of the group. No matter what stands in his friends path, he will stand tall against it. He often gets lost in his own sense of wonder and childish ways. But deeply cares for his friends and would do anything for them. Even if that means being brave when everyone is a little scared.


Tubs is the bundle of joy that keeps the group together. His “round” body gives him a series of different skills. For example, he can jump slighly lower than the rest of the group! But that little jump carries alot! He is the strongest of the group in physique and durability. Tubs is carefree and a bit clueless at times, but it’s this unique characteristic that somehow manages to save the group from time to time!